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From the Recesses – God Bless You Mr. Vonnegut


A few nights ago I met a sparkling, lovely couple from some septic backwater of the Great Neighbor to the North.  They were overflowing with hope.  They had the confidence of youth.  They knew that through their activism and energy that their generation would make the difference.  Theirs was the cohort that would properly monkey wrench the gang in power, and gift back to this world its pure and unburdened soul.  Sweet kids, the sweetest there are, brand new backpacks, water filters and antibacterial gel, trekking westward through the Land of Nod toward Eden, having no idea how long the journey really is.  Not knowing that the very nature of the dream is to be forever receding, over the hills and far

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Drinky Santa by Juan Pablo Canale

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Terrible But True – Christmas Off The Rails


It was Christmas Eve in New York City, and Penn Station looked like a goddamn refugee camp. Outside, a freezing rain pelted busy streets awash in festive bunting and deadly ice patches. Inside, thousands of cold wet travelers jostled and shoved, swearing harder with each announcement of further

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Just Damn Funny – How the Angel Got On Top of the Christmas Tree

Illustration by Juan Pablo Canale Banus

It wouldn’t be fair to describe my upbringing as Pagan. Paganism implies that one worships something, be it the Sun God Ra, the trickster Pan, or Zeus, God of Thunder and Lightning. No, my formative years were largely devoid of religion. Specifically, my family aligned itself with a

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The Surly Bartender – Worse Than Nixon?

nixon and johnson

Every American President in the past forty years has faced, at some point, the media-contrived Watergate moment. Ronald Reagan had Iran-Contragate, George H.W. Bush had Savings and Loangate, Bill Clinton had Whitewatergate, Vince Fostergate, Monicagate. During the Dubya Bush administration John Dean ­­– former White House Counsel to Nixon

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From the Recesses – My Name is Hector “Bullshit” Cullivera

nobody deserves nothin

His name is actually James Edward Andrew Hanover, and if you think that’s a mouthful for a kid from Upstate New York, know that he very narrowly escaped “Clinton Dewitt Hanover IV.” I met him first during elementary school, but the friendship didn’t take. I was hanging with Charlie

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Bookstore Stories – Convergence


I returned to Guatemala in early April this year to run Dyslexia Bookstore for a few months. When I first arrived, there was some confusion that delayed my taking over from the other manager, so I decided to take a trip to Lago de Atitlán for a week. I

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