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First Person Shooter – Part Time, Part One

The author considers his next job opportunity.

I’ve had some jobs in my day.

It always happened like this. I needed some money so I found some way to make it. The thought of a career never really was my thing. Being something – a doctor, a lawyer, an Indian chief just didn’t ring true. The sense of permanence, grown-up-dom, self-importance, and lack of adventure always had me taking whatever would have me. More often than not this strategy left me broke and desperate and wondering where I would lay my head for the night. Looking back it was not a strategy or a conscious decision at all. I think it just comes down to wiring. I was not wired for the other way. Maybe it was the books I read at an early age… who knows.

Here are the jobs I’ve held in more or less chronological order from  the age of 7 on: I sold seeds from door to door in suburbia, then Christmas and Easter cards, I delivered newspapers, I mowed lawns, I raked leaves, I stuffed envelopes, I built lobsterpots

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Traveler’s Journal – Monkeys Are Dicks


Monkeys are the worst. They’re like terrifyingly strong, long-armed dwarfs with a penchant for thievery. Only hairier. People from places that don’t have monkeys usually love them, but folks from monkey-rich areas know better. I used to love monkeys too, until I had to deal with them.

My first

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Special Commentary – Health Care Reform Part XVII

Barack Obama by Donkeyhotey.

Robert A. Dahl died in February at the age of 98. For forty years he had been a professor of political science at Yale University and was often called the dean of American political science. An early — and seminal — work by Professor Dahl was Who Governs? written in 1961. In

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First Person Shooter – All Rise!!!

March Against The War 1971

I was 24 years old in April of 1971. The United States involvement in the Vietnam War had gone on for well over a decade, and it had occupied the entirety of my young political life. The reality of war was starker during Vietnam than it might be

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New Music – Real Americans


Brothers and sisters, here’s a new bit of true beauty by our comrade-in-booze Matthew Grimm. If you’ve ever wanted to donkeypunch your television when some right-wing gasbag is “speaking to the heartland” or condemning “San Francisco values,” then this song is for you.

Fuck. Yeah.


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New Music – Mercedes Escobar


If you happen to pass by this dusty corner of the internet on a hot and cloudless day, you might see Mercedes Escobar down by the crossroads . . . kicking the living shit out of poseur douchenozzles with the business end of her guitar. She’s so damn good,

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Bookstore Stories – The Estonian

Bill McGowan at his post in Dyslexia Bookstore.

I was sitting on the stool at the desk one quiet, sunny afternoon about two years ago. Business was slow. She wandered in, gave me a warm smile, but said little. She was stunningly beautiful. Young twenties, blond wavy hair, wonderful smile. She started looking in the fiction section.


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