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From the Recesses – An East Facing Rock

Back when I was a teenager one of my favorite words was “cosmic.” It’s kind of embarrassing now, but I’m sure you had your own silly colloquialisms, so no harm done. I remember many “cosmic” moments in the adolescent years: like when Craig and I wandered up to Grand Boulevard and were hammered to the quick by a thought that strikes everyone at one time or another, normally when you’re 16 and a little bit high.

“Hey, when you look at blue and I look at blue, how can we know if we’re seeing the same thing?”

“Well, because… um… yeah, wow. That’s cosmic.”

“Wait, how would you describe red, like, if you couldn’t call it red?”

“It’s hot. Blue’s cold. But still… you could be seeing what I’d call green or purple and still say that. To really know I’d have to be inside your head. Or you’d have to be inside mine.”

“Man, that’s cosmic.”

Or then there was the time that Kathy — after holding a long hit of Leroy St. Purple — exhaled and said, “Infinity is… Incredible.”


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First Person Shooter – Road Rage in Rajasthan


On New Year’s Eve, I finished a glass of wine and requested another from a passing footman as His Highness Gaj Singh II, the Maharaja of Jodhpur, stepped to the rostrum overlooking the wedding party and lake below. The white fabric of his turban trailed down his six-foot frame

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Traveler’s Journal – Discussing Deng

Photo of The Li River and Mountains by the Author

I rolled out of bed at 12:30 in the afternoon. I felt down, but couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. Probably nothing more than a bout of traveler’s angst, that sinking feeling of suddenly wondering why the hell you are so far from home, so alone without

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Guatemala 101 – Say Goodbye to Ms. Paz y Paz

Claudia Paz y Paz

Frumpy. Frizzy hair. Not necessarily the two things you would immediately think when conjuring mental images of an attorney general who put the temor de Dios, the fear of God, into disgraced national leaders and deadly international criminals. Dr. Claudia Paz y Paz Bailey looks more like the aunt

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The Adventures of Pissy Jesus – Part IX

pissy jesus 8 (1)

When we last left Pissy Jesus, He and His disciples — and several Pharisees in disguise — were in Judea. After calling out Nathan, the fake Pharisee disciple, Jesus discussed with his followers the rather clearly stated impossibility of a rich man entering the Kingdom of Heaven. They had

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Special Commentary – Health Care Reform, Part XVIII

Barack Obama, by DonkeyHotey

One of the best headlines of the health reform saga came from the USA TODAY editorial page in July 2013: “GOP poisons ObamaCare, then claims it’s sick.” The Gannett Company’s ubiquitous Main Street news vehicle continued, “Having lost in Congress and in the court, they’re now using the most cynical of

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First Person Shooter – Part Time, Part II

Deliver this . . .

Fuck. I needed some money. Three days prior I paid rent with the last of my crumpled bills and was now down to zip. Nada. A few nickels, dimes and pennies in a change jar; that was it. I had already gone through the quarters.

My stomach growled. “Fuck

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