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Letter From the Editors – Do We Matter?

Even though we find ourselves on the outer shoals of a few fallen empires, living a rather bubble existence in the midst of a chaotic nation, we do feel that recent world events, from Madison to al-Manāma, merit a brief comment.

As our regular readers know, I used to be a history teacher in Brooklyn. At the end of most years I’d ask my students to consider a thought experiment by way of review. I’d ask them, knowing what they now knew, what side they’d choose to be on in the moral struggles that defined American history. I’d ask them directly, “Would you have chosen to be on the side of resistance to brutality or the side that imposed brutal order? Would you prefer to have trudged alongside brother and sister on the Trail of Tears, or have been a paid centurion, hustling the old and infirm to uncertainty, depredation and death? Would you prefer to have received the lash or given it on the plantation? Would you prefer to have been a striking miner shot

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First Person Shooter – Part Time, Part II

Deliver this . . .

Fuck. I needed some money. Three days prior I paid rent with the last of my crumpled bills and was now down to zip. Nada. A few nickels, dimes and pennies in a change jar; that was it. I had already gone through the quarters.

My stomach growled. “Fuck

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First Person Shooter – Part Time, Part I

The author considers his next job opportunity.

I’ve had some jobs in my day.

It always happened like this. I needed some money so I found some way to make it. The thought of a career never really was my thing. Being something – a doctor, a lawyer, an Indian chief just didn’t ring true. The

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The NRA Reaches Out to The Nation’s Homicidal Madmen


At a press conference held earlier today at the Fairfax, Virginia, headquarters of the National Rifle Association, NRA President Wayne LaPierre issued a plea for “restraint” in the “rampaging-gunman community” while the United States Congress prepares to debate new firearms regulations.

“As most cold-blooded spree killers know, this is

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Traveler’s Journal – Monkeys Are Dicks


Monkeys are the worst. They’re like terrifyingly strong, long-armed dwarfs with a penchant for thievery. Only hairier. People from places that don’t have monkeys usually love them, but folks from monkey-rich areas know better. I used to love monkeys too, until I had to deal with them.

My first

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Special Commentary – Health Care Reform Part XVII

Barack Obama by Donkeyhotey.

Robert A. Dahl died in February at the age of 98. For forty years he had been a professor of political science at Yale University and was often called the dean of American political science. An early — and seminal — work by Professor Dahl was Who Governs? written in 1961. In

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First Person Shooter – All Rise!!!

March Against The War 1971

I was 24 years old in April of 1971. The United States involvement in the Vietnam War had gone on for well over a decade, and it had occupied the entirety of my young political life. The reality of war was starker during Vietnam than it might be

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